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    Site Weather Forecast

    WeatherTRAK Mobile & WeatherTRAK Central

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    The Weather forecast is available in WeatherTRAK mobile and in

    On the mobile app, the forecast is available from the Overview screen.

    In, the forecast is available from the Manage Controller page.

    Current conditions are displayed, along with the daily highs and lows for the next six days.

    You can use this information to gain general information about your site to inform how to best manage it. For example, you could use the forecast data to proactively set a rain pause if a rain sensor is not present.


    Is the weather forecast used to schedule irrigation?

    No. WeatherTRAK’s advanced ET model is used to schedule irrigation and adjust watering amounts.

    Is the weather forecast used for ET Data?

    No, it is not. Data that is used for ET is gathered from over eight million weather data points, where our computers run an energy balanced weather model, which helps to schedule precise irrigation for your site.

    Is the weather forecast used to automatically set a rain pause?

    No. Rain pauses are set by the user while at the controller or from WeatherTRAK Central. Controller rain pauses are also set from our Climate Center using ET data.

    Can I use the weather forecast to proactively set a rain pause?

    Yes. If you do not have a rain sensor on site, you can look at the weather forecast on the app to set a rain pause. Keep in mind, though, that the weather forecast is just a prediction, and conditions may change. Adjust any proactive rain pause set accordingly.