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    Using Site Map

    WeatherTRAK Mobile

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    Site Map enables you to place asset icons that represent components or features of the selected Site. Once placed, you can add photos, details, and notes about the specific asset. The Site Map can be referenced and continually added to each visit. This becomes a valuable tool that saves time and effort. 

    Getting Started

    To begin, choose a Site you want to view from the Site List page in the app.

    Once chosen, tap the Site Map icon located on the top right of the screen.

    Site Map will open with a Google Maps satellite view of the Site.


    If this is your first time visiting the Site Map for the selected Site, you will be asked to place the Controller asset icons in their correct location on the Site. By default, Controllers are located at the Site's address and not their exact geographical location. If the Controller asset icon has a question mark over the top, you know that the controller has not been placed in the correct location.

    To change to a Map view of your Site, select the Map icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You can easily toggle back and forth between satellite and map view by tapping the icons.

    How to Add an Asset

    Adding an asset to a Site consists of choosing an asset, placing the asset on the map, then adding details about the asset. You can place assets either on or off-site, however, your GPS location in relation to the asset being placed can help in accuracy when placing.

    1.  Select the round + icon to add an asset.

    2.  The SELECT ASSET screen displays. Assets are organized in categories, with recently used assets appearing at the top of the page.

    3.  Select the asset type you want to add to the Site. If you are on-site, the asset will snap to your location.

    4.  Press, Hold and Drag the asset icon on the map to the exact location. Pinch zooming in and out, if needed.

    5.  Select the green Place button to confirm and place it on the map.

    6.  The ASSET DETAILS page displays. This page is where you can add photos, and provide additional (optional) information that can differ depending on the asset type.

    7.  Before you can Save, and complete the placement of the asset, you must assign the asset to the Site, a Controller on the Site, and/or a Station on a Controller. This differs depending on the asset type.

    For example, a Station Valve asset will need to be assigned to a Controller, and then a Station that makes up that Controller. Choose each in the ASSIGNED TO box.


    Provide as much information as possible about the asset. Consider the person referencing these weeks, months, or years from now. Photos are also important in communicating specifics about the asset.

    Adding Photos

    Asset photos can be added when first placing an asset, by pressing the Camera icon in one of the four provided photo slots.

    Asset photos can also be added after an asset has been placed. This can be done in two different ways.

    1.  Select the asset icon on the map and choose an empty photo slot in the popup that appears.

    2.  Select the asset icon on the map and choose the Info icon at the top right of the popup. Then select the Camera icon in one of the four provided photo slots.

    Adding a photo can be helpful when trying to track visual aspects of the site over time. Photos are also useful if the asset is in an obscure or hard-to-see location. If this is the case, be sure to add photos of the surrounding area to help in locating the asset.

    How to Move an Asset

    To move an asset:

    1.  Select the Unlock icon at the top of the Site Map page.

    2.  Press, Hold and Drag the asset icon on the map to the desired location. Pinch zooming in and out, if needed. You can move as many assets as you want until you lock the site.

    3.  Select the Lock icon to lock the asset's location.

    How to Edit Asset Details

    To edit details on an existing asset:

    1.  Select the asset icon on the map. 

    2.  Select the information icon at the top right of the popup.

    3.  Make your edits on the Asset Details page, and press Save.

    Asset Filter

    You can use the Asset Filter to only show a specific asset type on the map.

    1.  Select the Filter icon at the top left of the Site Map.

    2.  Select an asset type to filter.