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    Changing Mobile User Access to "Reader Only"

    WeatherTRAK Mobile: Admin

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    To limit capabilities to a mobile app user so they cannot make programming changes, you edit the user’s controller page access in 

    You will need to have access to the Admin tab. If you do not see this tab (have access), contact customer support at 800-362-8774 and the changes can be made for you.

    If you do have Admin tab access:

    1.  Log into 

    2.  Under the Admin tab, click Admin Tool. The following page displays:

    3.  Click the Users button. The User List displays. Find the user for whom you want to change permission.

    4.  Click Edit for the selected user. The Edit User screen displays:

    5.  Click Details. The Access and Permissions screen displays. Click Edit.

    6.  The Account Level Permission screen displays. Click the Permissions dropdown tab. Select Reader.

    7.  Click Save to apply the changes.