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    How to enable 'No Limit' for asset icons displayed

    WeatherTRAK Mobile: Site Map

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    In WeatherTRAK Mobile, the global display setting for asset icons in Site Map is 500. Meaning, if a Site has over 500 asset icons placed, some icons will not display. These icons can be seen on WeatherTRAK Central, however.

    In version 3.5 and greater of WeatherTRAK Mobile the global setting can be changed to No Limit, which will display all asset icons on a Site, regardless of how many. Once this global setting has been changed, any Site with more than 500 asset icons will display all placed assets.

    To change the setting to No Limit:

    1.  Press the Back < arrow at the top left of the screen until you are presented with the Sign Out button

    2.  Press the Sign Out button

    3.  Once signed out, press the small gear icon at the bottom left of the screen.

    4. You are presented with a global Preferences page. Choose the "Max pin count in the mapoption

    5.  Select "No Limit" from the list


    6.  Return to the Sign In page and enter your Username and Password

    7.  The asset icon display count on the Site Map is no longer limited.