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    Setting a Rain Pause from WeatherTRAK Central

    WeatherTRAK Central: Setup and Operations

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    Setting a Rain Pause from WeatherTRAK Central

    1.  If your controller is not connected to a rain switch, the Rain Pause feature can be used to stop irrigation in the event of rain. Irrigation stops immediately, counts down (depending on the number of days chosen), and resumes at the start time used by Program A. 

    All irrigation start times will be suspended during a rain pause unless the individual station setting Useable Rainfall is set to NONE. While paused, station depletions are held constant.


    For the firmware version before 6.8, when a rain pause day is selected, the controller pauses irrigation immediately and resumes or counts down a day at midnight. Make sure to select more days accordingly.

    2.  From the Smart Irrigation tab, select Manage Controller

    3.  Within Advanced Options, click Edit, next to Rain Pause

    4.  In the User Rain Pause Days field, click the drop-down arrow and select the number of days you would like to pause

    5.  Click Update Rain Pause to confirm and create the pause

    6.  The remaining days left in the rain pause will display

    7.  To cancel the Rain Pause select 000 days-Clear from the User Rain Pause Days dropdown. Then click Update Rain Pause.