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    Adjusting Programming to Multiple Stations

    WeatherTRAK Central

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    With WeatherTRAK Central, you can adjust programming to multiple stations with just a few clicks of a button.  Save time and effort by making changes to a group of stations at once.  You can make changes to station modes, program type, percent adjust, target MAD, depletion, and runtimes. For information on how to filter stations you want to change, read Filtering a List of Stations.

    1.  From the Smart Irrigation tab, click Manager Controller.

    2.  In the Manage Stations section, click the box next to the station numbers you want to make changes to.

    3.  Use the drop-down window to select the desired change.

    4.  Click Preview Changes to preview the changes you are making. The changes will appear in green. 

    5.  Click Save & Send to save and send the changes to the controller.  Note that you may have to refresh your screen to see the changes displayed.