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    Filtering a List of Stations

    WeatherTRAK Central

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    With WeatherTRAK Central you can use the filter fields in the Manage Stations area to filter out characteristics for stations that you want to make a change to. This is helpful when you have specific stations that you need to review or change but don’t want to navigate through a long list of stations.

    Save time and effort by viewing only the specific parameter you are searching for.  For example, say you made a percent adjust of 10% to several stations mid-summer, but now you want to adjust those stations back to 0. You can use the filter field to search for only stations with a 10% adjust rate to view and change.  


    Information entered into the filter field will remain in place until you clear it. If you are not seeing expected stations or controller information, check to ensure that the filter field is cleared. To clear the filter field, simply remove the text or characters from the field and press Save and Send to update your changes.

    1.  From the Smart Irrigation tab, click Manager Controller.

    2.  Scroll down to the Manage Stations section.

    3.  Determine which column you want to filter by, and then in the field at the top of that column, enter the parameter you want to use.  For example, if you want to make changes to all stations on program B, type B into the Program filter field.

    4.  Press Enter. A filtered list of stations displays. For information about making changes to these stations, read Adjusting Programming to Multiple Stations.