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    How to Wire a Two Valve Decoder

    H2O 2-Wire: Decoders

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    If the decoder is not pre-programmed you will need to program it at the controller BEFORE wiring.

    For instructions on how to program a dual valve decoder, read: How to Program a Two Valve Decoder

    Wiring a Two Valve Decoder:

    1.  Power off the 2-wire when installing devices. Leave 24 to 36 inches of slack on the 2-wire for ease of use. 

    2.  Place the decoder in the valve box. Valves can be located a maximum of 150 feet from the decoder location by using additional 14 gauge wires.

    3.  Wire the valves according to the wiring diagram label on the back of each decoder.

    4.  Connect the red and black wire from the decoder to the corresponding red and black wires on the 2-wire using DBR/Y-6 or equivalent connectors. It is critical that polarity be maintained.

    5. Using the controller, test the connections.


    The decoder wires must not have electrical contact with the soil or water. All connections must use DBR/Y-6 or equivalent moisture-resistant connectors. Install all connections correctly. Damage to the system will occur if these specifications are not followed.

    NOTE: The common wires cannot be shared between different Decoders.