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    Programming a Two Valve Decoder

    H20 2-Wire: Decoders

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    Programming a two valve decoder must be done BEFORE installation on the 2-wire path.

    1.  Plug the decoder into the terminal located on the mini-chassis board as illustrated below. 

    2.  Press SETUP.

    3.  Press à  until CONFIGURE H2O 2-WIRE displays (setup 15).

    4.  Press + or until Program decoders displays.

    5.  Press SELECT.

    6.  Press *. The controller reads the decoder and assigns it to the next two stations in sequence. If you need to change the station number, press + or . The display screen when assigning a dual valve decoder will look something like this:

    In the example above, you will know the decoder is a two-valve decoder because of the 2 after the decimal point next to TYPE. Note also the two addresses shown on line 2. These are the addresses that will get assigned to this decoder.

    7.  Press * to assign the decoder to the stations shown.

    8.  Press + or to set the power level. For a dual valve decoder, the power level for both valves is the same, and cannot be different. Note that the power defaults to low. For most stations, low power is sufficient. However, some stations may require more power due to a longer 2-wire path or a higher electrical requirement for a specific valve type.

    9.  Press * to configure the decoder. The following screen displays, confirming a successful assignment:


     The display screen will show the decoder wire color that is associated with each valve. The orange wire always goes to the first valve; the yellow always goes to the second valve.

    10.  Label the decoder then unplug it from the Station Program terminal.

    11.  To assign the next decoder, press à . To exit, press ß