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    Decommissioning a 2nd Adaptor Board

    WeatherTRAK Controllers

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    When an Adaptor Board Not Found alert occurs, it means that the controller cannot register the second adapter board, or chassis.  Irrigation will not occur until this is resolved. IF this is the case, then the 2nd adaptor board will need to be decommissioned from the controller. 

    Decommissioning the Adaptor Board from the Controller:


    These steps can only be done at the controller and should only be done on a 48 station or less controller.

    1.  Press ALERTS.

    2.  Press à until VIEW HARDWARE STATUS displays. 

    3.  Press SELECT to view the alert. 

    4.  Press à  until DECOMMISSION SECOND ADAPTER 2 displays. 

    5.  Press *.  

    6.  Press SELECT to confirm that you want to decommission the second adapter.

    7.  Reset the power to the controller.

    8.  Set Max Active stations on controller to 48 or less.