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    Setting the Runtime Valve Test

    WeatherTRAK Controllers

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    WeatherTRAK controllers monitor for field wire integrity as an optional feature. The WeatherTRAK controller runs a daily valve test just before the Program A start time. This daily valve test occurs regardless of the runtime valve test setting. When the Runtime Valve Test is on, the controller will not operate stations whose valve has an electrical fault including Short, Over Current, and No Connect. If any faults are found, station specific electrical alerts will be posted on the WeatherTRAK controller and to WeatherTRAK Central. Since the system checks the wire integrity daily, it will automatically clear any repaired electrical valve faults when it runs.  The controller will also run a valve test after the controller has restarted. When a valve fault is found, it will trigger a valve alert message, notifying you of a problem. If the Runtime Valve Test is off, the controller will still run the daily valve test, but will operate stations with an Over Current or No Connect fault.


    The controller will always trigger and not irrigate a Short valve fault regardless of the runtime valve test setting. If the controller does not irrigate or partially irrigates a station due to a fault, and the station is in Auto mode, the controller will continue to calculate station specific depletion values.

    1.  Press the SETUP button.

    2.  Press the à button until the RUNTIME VALVE TEST screen displays.

    3.  Press the + or button to select either On or Off.