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    Activating WeatherTRAK Controllers

    WeatherTRAK Controllers

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    WeatherTRAK controllers must be activated to start getting the central visibility and benefits of WeatherTRAK Central. You can activate the controller online or by calling 800-362-8774. It is recommended that you activate the controller after AC power has been connected. Required information for controller activation includes:

    • Purchaser’s name, email, and phone number

    • Installer’s company name and address

    • Installer’s name email and phone number

    • Location of the controller (Street and site name)

    • Your controller’s serial number (accessed through the HELP menu)

    • Your controller’s SIM card number (accessed through the HELP menu)

    A worksheet is included with your controller for recording this information.

    You will be able to tell if your controller is activated by pressing the ET button on your controller. If a date and time is displayed below the ET value, your controller is active.