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    How do I find the firmware version of my controller?

    WeatherTRAK: LC+, ET Pro3, OptiFlow XR controllers

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    From the Controller

    Firmware versions can be found in the HELP menu.

    1.  Press HELP

    2.  Press > until "Help : 03" page displays

    The firmware version will be listed as WT --.--.--, on the second row, underneath WEATHERTRAK VERSIONas shown below.

    From WeatherTRAK Central

    1.  Log in to

    2.  From the Home tab, use the drop-down list in the Manage a Controller box to select the desired controller.

    3. The Manage Controller page displays. Firmware versions are listed in the Manage Controller section as shown below.

    You can also view firmware versions for several controllers at once on the Controller List page.

    1.  From the Smart Irrigation tab, click Controllers. The Controller List page displays.

    2.  A list of all controllers displays. The firmware version for each controller is listed under Model/Version as shown below.