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    Troubleshooting 2-Wire

    WeatherTRAK H2O 2-Wire Controllers

    PDF es:

    Required Tools:

    • Milliamp Clamp Meter. HydroPoint recommends the Armada Pro 93 RMS AC Leakage Clamp

    • A site map that shows the run of the 2-Wire path  


    When addressing a 2-Wire issue, it is important to determine that the problem is a 2-Wire issue by disqualifying any WeatherTRAK controller issues. After the determination has been made that the problem involves the 2-Wire path, troubleshooting can begin.

    Watch the video below to learn how this is done.

    Summary of troubleshooting steps:

    1.  Isolate the issue to make sure the problem is with the 2-Wire and not a WeatherTRAK issue

    2.  Isolate the issue on the hardware

    3.  Separate the controller from the two wire path

    4.  Use the required tools to troubleshoot the two wire path

    5.  Find the short in the field and fix it

    For a full set of troubleshooting steps, click HERE.