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    Installing the Cloud Update Key

    LC+ / ET Pro3

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    The Cloud Update Key is a USB device that is plugged into a USB port on the backside of the controller’s front panel.  The key enables the controller to receive firmware updates to occur from the cloud on an as-needed basis. The Cloud Update Key is for use on one controller and must remain installed to maintain functionality.

    To get started, follow the instructions below.

    Installing the Key

    1.  To access the USB port, loosen the 4 corner pop-up screws, lift up and then turn over the front panel. For LC models, swing open the front panel. Be careful not to pull on the ribbon cable. 

    2.  Locate the USB port on the backside of the front panel and insert the Cloud Update Key as pictured below.

    3.  Re-seat the command module and hand-tighten the 4 corner pop-up screws. For LC models, simply close the front panel door.


    Restarting the Controller

    1.  After you plug in the key, you need to restart the controller in order to have it recognize the key.

    2.  Press Help.

    3.  Press à until the Restart Controller screen displays.

    4.  Press  *  to restart the controller. The controller will beep, and the screen will go black and then it will restart. This should take about 15 seconds.

    5.  To verify the update, look for the “Update Key Installed” message in the bottom corner of the display.

    6.  Affix the “Cloud Updates enabled” sticker on the lower right side of the front panel.


    If the Update Key Installed message does not appear or other issues are encountered, please contact Customer Support.


    Can I take the cloud update key out after installation and still receive firmware updates through the Cloud?

    No. The Cloud Update Key must remain in the USB port in order to receive firmware updates.

    What happens if I pull out the Cloud Update Key?

    You will receive an alert message saying “No USB “. To remedy this, reinsert the Cloud Update Key and restart the controller.

    How do I know there is a Cloud Update Key installed?

    You will see the key inserted into the USB port on the backside of the command module. There should also be a sticker affixed to the command module stating that the Cloud Update Key is installed.

    How do I check to see which firmware version I currently have?

    1.  Press HELP.

    2.  Press à  until the WEATHERTRAK VERSION screen displays. The Controller’s current firmware version displays something similar: WT

    How do controllers with an OptiFlow key get firmware updates?

    Firmware updates are pushed through the OptiFlow Key that is inserted into the USB port.

    How do I get a Cloud Update Key?

    To obtain a Cloud Update Key, contact Customer Support at  You can also contact an authorized distributor to purchase a cloud update key.