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    Selecting Sprinkler Location on the Slope

    WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 & LC+

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    Typically, sprinkler heads at the bottom of a slope require less run time than those at the top of a slope, because of the additional water the bottom of the landscape gets from natural water migration. The WeatherTRAK controller provides four options for identifying sprinkler head locations within your zone. Sprinkler location are listed in the table below. You must adjust your schedules to account for the sprinkler head location.

    none, no slope set
    all parts of a slope
    top of slope
    middle of slope
    bottom of slope

    1.  Press the STATIONS button. The SELECT STATION screen displays.

    2.  Press + or to select the desired station.

    3.  Press the à button until the SPKLR LOCATION (sprinkler location) screen displays.

    4.  Press the + or button to set the sprinkler location type.

    5.  Press the à button to complete station programming.

    Setting the sprinkler location on the slope is the last task to perform when programming your controller. The WeatherTRAK controller will now automatically calculate station water days, run times, cycle and soak periods for each station in Auto mode, independent of the other. This irrigation schedule is then updated daily via ET Everywhere.  Remember, that you can easily see what you just programmed by pressing the * button while in the STATIONS menu. You are now ready to program your other stations that correspond to each zone of your landscape. To reduce many of the repetitive steps for each individual station, use the copy function. For more information, see Copying.


    HydroPoint recommends users configure station and program parameters using WeatherTRAK Central, as the web application provides an efficient user interface.