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    Pausing Irrigation for Rain

    WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 & LC+

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    If the controller is not connected to a rain switch, the rain pause feature can be used to stop irrigation in the event of rain.  Irrigation stops immediately, and resumes or counts down a day at the Program A start time. For longer pauses select more days.

    During a rain pause, all irrigation start times will be suspended unless the Useable Rainfall station setting is set to NONE. While paused, station depletions are held constant.


    For firmware versions before 6.8, when a rain pause day is selected, the controller pauses irrigation immediately and resumes or counts down a day at midnight. Make sure to select more days accordingly.

    Pausing Irrigation for Rain 

    1.  Press the RAIN PAUSE button.

    2.  Press the + or button to select the number of days you would like to pause your system for.

    To cancel a rain pause, simply set the number of days back to 0. Your irrigation will resume immediately or at the next scheduled start time.


    The rain pause feature is intended to be used ONLY during rain events. To stop irrigation during specific events, please go to to pause the controller via the Event Pause feature. Event pause will pause all stations regardless of the Useable Rainfall setting.