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    Setting the Microclimate for a Station

    Smart Controllers: ET Pro3

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    It is not uncommon to have some valves in full sun while others are in deep shade on the north side of a tall building. These exposures or microclimates will impact station run times, cycle, and soak periods that a conventional controller cannot address. WeatherTRAK controllers give you the ability to choose specific microclimates to meet your plant needs. You can choose from the following options:

    • Sunny all-day

    • Sunny most of the day

    • Shady most of the day

    • Shady all-day

    Setting the Microclimate for a Station

    1.  Press STATIONS. The SELECT STATION screen displays.

    2.  Press + or to select the desired station.

    3.  Press à until the microclimate screen displays.

    4.  Press + or to set the microclimate type for your landscape.