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    Configuring Usable Rainfall

    WeatherTRAK LC+

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    The WeatherTRAK controller has the Usable Rainfall feature to enable stations covered by eaves or other structures to still irrigate when the controller is paused by a rain switch, user or WeatherTRAK rain pause. You can configure the controller to ignore the rainfall data gathered on a station-by-station basis. This is especially useful in situations where specific stations or valve zones are located under a roof or a porous overhead where little or no rainfall is usable. This function is available in all station modes except OFF

    If a rain switch, user rain pause or WeatherTRAK rain pause is active and specific stations are selected to use NONE of the usable rainfall, scheduled irrigation will continue to be applied. 

    If usable rainfall is configured to anything other than NONE, the controller will pause that stations irrigation during a rain switch or pause.

    1.  Press the STATIONS button. The SELECT STATION screen displays.

    2.  Press + or to select the desired station.

    3.  Press the button until the USABLE RAINFALL screen displays.

    4.  Use the + or button to perform one of the following options:

    • To set the controller to use 100% of the usable rainfall select 100%

    • To set the controller to NOT use the rainfall, select None

    5.  Press the → button to continue to Selecting Sprinkler Type

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