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    Surge Arrestor Installation Guide

    BL-LA01 Surge Arrestor

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    Installation Instructions

    1.  Power off the two-wire when installing devices. Leave 24 to 36 inches of slack on the two-wire to allow for easy installation and maintenance.

    2.  Locate the surge arrestor in a valve box.

    3.  Connect the red and black wire from the surge arrestor to the corresponding red and black wires on the two-wire. It is critical that polarity be maintained. Use 3M™ DBR/Y-6 or equivalent moisture-resistant connectors on any two-wire connection in a valve box or buried in the soil.

    4.  Connect the green wire from the surge arrestor to the bare copper wire using a split bolt connector. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting and insulating the split bolt connector.

    5.  Use a CADWELD® or a clamp to attach the bare copper wire to a ground rod or ground plate and follow proper grounding practices. The resistance reading on this connection should be less than 1mΩ.


     For complete details, refer to the Surge Arrestor & Grounding Specification on the Baseline website.