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    Shared Flow biCoder Installation Guide

    BL-3200UPG-SF biCoder

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    Installation Instructions

    Baseline’s BL-3200UPG-SF biCoder connects directly to the two-wire path and enables the shared flow features in the BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller.

    Installation Instructions

    1.  Power off the two-wire when installing devices. Leave 24 to 36 inches of slack on the two-wire to allow for easy installation and maintenance.

    2.  Place the biCoder in the valve box for convenience and protection.

    3.  Connect the red and black wire from the biCoder to the corresponding red and black wires on the two-wire using 3M™ DBR/Y-6 or equivalent connectors. It is critical that polarity be maintained.

    4.  On the BaseStation 3200 controller, turn the dial to the Network position. Press the Next button to highlight FlowStation Setup, and then press Enter.

    5.  In the information box, make sure that the Shared Flow biCoder is verified.


    If you are connecting the BL-3200UPG-SF biCoder to a BaseStation 3200 controller that is already in service, make sure that the controller has been updated to firmware version 12.12 or higher.