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    Baseline Solutions for Dealing with Water Restrictions

    Baseline Controllers

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    Whether your region has specific water restrictions, or you are just looking for ways to reduce your water use, here are resources for configuring your Baseline system to save even more water and comply with water restrictions:

    Adjusting the Irrigation Schedule to Meet Restrictions

    Configuring controllers for daily or weekly water restrictions: Learn more about water windows and irrigation pauses

    Reducing Water Use by Prioritizing Programs

    Prioritize irrigation programs to ensure areas of highest concern start and finish first: Learn how to set program priorities

    Preventing Water Waste & Run-Off

    Using Baseline’s intelligent soak cycles feature will prevent water waste and run-off: Learn more about preventing run-off

    Prioritizing the Use of Multiple Water Sources

    If your site has multiple water sources available, be sure you are prioritizing when to use each source to maximize your available water for irrigation.

    Learn more about setting up water source priorities in the BaseStation 3200

    Adjusting Soil Moisture Sensor Limits to Influence Irrigation

    Utilize soil moisture sensor upper limit to fill soil profile to field capacity when water restrictions only allow watering 1-2 times per week: Learn more about upper threshold moisture sensor-based watering

    Utilize soil moisture sensor lower limit to prevent watering if the soil hasn’t dried to a pre-determined point: Learn more about configuring lower threshold moisture sensor-based watering