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    Scheduled Learned Flow

    WeatherTRAK Central

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    Scheduled Learned Flow is a feature that allows you to schedule stations to learn flow. This feature is available on  LC+, ET Pro3, OptiFlow XR, and OptiFlow enabled controllers and is accessed through WeatherTRAK Central. You can schedule one learn flow event per controller at a time. 

    Learn Flow Page

    1.  Navigate to and log into your account.

    2.  Click Learn Flow from the Smart Irrigation dropdown list

    3. Select your Controller from the dropdown list, or search for it by name.

    4. If present, clear any Stations that are "Queued to Learn" by pressing the Clear button.

    5. Click the checkboxes next to the Stations you want to learn. Or click the one check box at the top of the column to select all Stations.

    6. Click Enter to add the Stations to the queue.

    7. Press the button Start Learning to begin Learning Flow for the selected stations.

    To Schedule Learned Flow, follow the next few steps.

    8. To Schedule Learned Flow, press the "Save & Schedule" button.

    9. Edit the given Task Name, if you wish.

    10. Open the calendar popup by clicking the Calendar icon, to select the calendar day Learned Flow will occur.

    11. Open the time view popup by clicking the Clock icon to select the time of day Learned Flow will occur.

    12. Double-check the Stations Selected area, verifying the stations listed are correct.

    13.  Click Save to commit to the schedule.

    To Edit or Delete an existing Scheduled Learn Flow, follow the next few steps.

    14. Click View next to the Scheduled Learned Flow.

    15. Edit the information and press Save, or press Delete to remove the scheduled task.

    Congratulations! You now know how to use the Learned Flow page.


    What happens when a learn flow is scheduled inside an irrigation window?

    If the learn flow event extends into the start of the irrigation window, the system will notify you and it will allow the learn flow event to proceed.  For stations that are in Auto-Mode, any lost time due to a learn flow event will be accounted during the next scheduled irrigation time 


    This does not apply to stations in User ET or User No ET mode.

    What happens when a learn flow is scheduled outside an irrigation window?

    If the learn flow event is outside the irrigation window, the system will accept the scheduled learn flow event and execute it at the specified time.

    What happens if I try to manually run a station at the same time as a Schedule Learned Flow?

    If a manual run is requested at the same time as the learn flow event, you will not be able to do a manual run. You will be notified why in the mobile app and/or in WeatherTRAK Central.

    Can I schedule a learn flow from the controller?

    No. Scheduled Learned Flow can only be done through WeatherTRAK Central.

    How are POC’s prioritized during a Schedule Learned Flow event?

    For LC+, ET Pro3, and OptiFlow XR controllers, the POC will open based on the start time of the learned flow event. For OptiFlow group controllers with single or multiple managers, the learn flow request will allow the manager controller(s) to open the POC.

    How does Schedule Learned Flow work with Manager Controllers in OptiFlow?

    For controllers in an OptiFlow group only one controller can learn flow at a time. You will not be allowed to schedule overlapping learn flow events for controllers in the same group. When a member controller learns flow, the manager controller will read flow and report the rates to the server.