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    Adjusting Crop Coefficients (Kc) for Turf

    WeatherTRAK Controllers

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    Crop coefficients for turf can be viewed and adjusted from the ET menu. The custom turf Kc value can be edited on a monthly basis as needed. Custom Kc’s for turf could be used for specialty grasses such as Fescue or Bermuda grasses used in cultured landscapes. The range of Kc values is 0.1 to 1.20 in 0.10” increments. Every month requires a Kc value.

    1.  Press the ET button.

    2.  Press the à button until the Custom Kc Turf screen displays (ET05). Jan is the default month, and will display in the right corner of the screen. The default value is 1.00.

    3.  Use the + or button to adjust the value.

    4.  Press the à button to go to the next month.

    5.  Use the + or button to adjust the next value.

    6.  Continue with steps 4 and 5 until you have set Kc values for the entire calendar year.