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    Setting the Maximum Active Stations

    Smart Controllers: ET Pro3

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    Setting the Maximum Active Station number enables your stations to be programmed. The number you select should correspond to the actual number of valve stations that are going to be programmed, and should not exceed the number of Found stations.  

    Do not count master valve, pump start, or sensor inputs as active stations. 

    If you set Max Active Stations to a value higher than the actual number of valves connected, unnecessary time could be added to the watering window, triggering a Water Window Alert. 

    If you set Max. Active Stations to a value less than the actual number of valves connected, some of the valves may be prevented from operating at all.

    1.  Press SETUP.

    2.  Press à until the MAX ACTIVE STATIONS screen displays

    3.  Press  + or to select the number of valve stations you will be programming.

    Reviewing Active Stations Settings

    1.  Press SETUP.

    2.  Press and hold *. The following screen displays 3 columns:

    The column headings are explained in the chart below.


    The found stations must be equal to or be more than the Max Active Stations or the controller will receive a hardware alert.