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    Connecting Your Controller to a Self-hosted Baseline Server


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    Some organizations prefer to host a standalone instance of the Baseline server. Because a BaseStation controller is pre-configured to connect to the cloud-based Baseline server, some configuration changes are necessary in order to have the controller connect to the self-hosted server.

    After the self-hosted Baseline server has been installed and configured, ask the server administrator for the server’s IP address.

    Connecting a BaseStation 1000

    1.  Press the System Setup button. The System Setup menu displays.

    2.  Press the      button to highlight the Network Setup option, and then press the OK button to select it. The Network Setup menu displays.

    3.  Press the      button to highlight the BaseManager Setup option, and then press the OK button to select it. The BaseManager Setup screen displays.

    4.  Press the      button to move to the Use Alternate IP field, and then press the + or button to enter a checkmark in the field.

    5.  Press the      button to move to the IP Addr field (the field displays when Use Alternate IP is enabled). Press the + or button to change the values in the IP address.


    To rapidly increase or decrease the value, press and hold the + button or the button.

    Connecting a BaseStation 3200

    1.  Turn the dial to the Network position.

    2.  Press the Next button to highlight the BaseManager Server Setup option, and then press Enter. The BaseManager Address screen displays.

    3.  In the Server URL Mode field, press the + or button to choose Fixed IP.

    4.  Press the Next button to move to the IP Address field.

    5.  Press the + or button to update the numbers to match the IP address of the Baseline server. Press the Next button to move to the boxes within the IP Address field.

    After the controller connects to the server, the hostname and domain name assigned to the server display in the Server URL field.

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